If you have a collection-Frame it!

Materials being used on a cost friendly guest bath remodel. Cherry cabinets, crema marfil countertop, porcelain tile and glass/slate deco mix. 

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Narrowing down the choice of fabric for my new powder coated outdoor chairs…

My new obsession: powder coating. 

These chairs were once grey and with white paint chipping off. Picked them up at an antique store for $75. Coating cost only $80/chair. A steal. Now to select the perfect out door fabric. 


Allison Jaffe Interior Design

Coordinating chairs to the pillows below. If you can only imagine they were orange velvet prior.

Recent custom pillow made for a client, cant wait to show off the coordinating reupholstered chairs that match. 


Allison Jaffe Interior Design

Story Board for Rising Hills Living Room

I was recently interview by Houzz.com and they asked me to create an inspiration/story board. Since Rising Hills is one of my most recent projects, I decided to highlight the living room.

I love this room because it utilizes a number of grey based neutral which are very on trend currently. The room comes alive with pops of orange, peacock blue and chartreuse accessories and pillows. I love how this room also gives a nod to Pantones 2012 color of the year, Tangerine Tango. 

Story Board: 

Actual Room:

Happy Monday, Allison Jaffe Interior Design

A trip to Round Top: My finds at The Big Red Barn and Marburger Farms

Hello hello, a brief hiatus but I’m back. Inspiration has been found.

Let me start by saying that I had the most amazing time at the Round Top Antique Festival and Marburger Farm Antique Show. I was accompanied to this antique mecca by my mom and her friend. What’s truly unbelievable is that this wast first trip ever to Round Top, what took me so long!?!?

I wasn’t always in love with antiques. I distinctly remember as a kid being dragged around by my mother to the Austin Antique Mall that sits directly adjacent to the roller skating rink on Research Blvd. As I grew into an adult, so did my love antiques. It was an added bonus and fast realization that my mother was an encyclopedia of antique knowledge. I’m a lucky girl to have my very own “Antiques Roadshow” guide. Now days, I love to spend time with her strolling down the aisles and aisles of antiques learning about their history, what a good antique vs. a knock off and helping me create my own collections. 

I’m beginning to notice that my home is quickly becoming my own personal museum filled with antiquities like Spode plates, framed sheets of chippendale furniture, various old glass bottles, turn of the century furniture and a very old bust of my favorite lady, Marie Antoinette. Each piece holding a special meaning and story of adoption.

I decided that with the number of finds I found at both The Big Red Barn and Marburger, for short, I would break this post into part 1 and part 2, so not to inundate you with my very cool finds. 

The Big Red Barn: 

I’m starting to see that a lamp can be made out of ANY found object, this one below is from, I think, the spinning part of an old washer. 

Kentucky-made cherry wood kitchen utensils. I am a big believer of not buying crap from China, but buying American hand made. I purchased 2 spatulas, a coffee scoop, and toast tongs all for under $60. 

What intrigued me about this piece were all the organized compartments. Naturally, I love compartmentalizing everything, so this Kitchen “Success” Pantry complete with clock and spices, sugar and flour dispensers fit the bill.  

Have a lot of screws, nuts and bolts-this would be the perfect addition to your workshop. 

Like to sew, well this organizer of bobbins, threads and needles are right up your alley. Actually would this be a great organizer of your modern day finds. 

If I had a big enough curio, actually if I HAD a curio it would be filled with glass jars and such. Unfortunately, I cannot remember specifically what these were meant to hold but specific it was. Anyone know? 

Part 2, coming up, my finds at Marburger Farms…

Kitchen Workshop: Accessible Design+Easy Organization+FabulousFun

Please join Organize360 and Allison Jaffe Interior Design as give you all the TIPS, TOOLS and SECRETS to designing and organizing your kitchen. 

Discover simple strategies to beautify your kitchen and streamline your space. Shop and sample munchies and mimosas from local vendors.

What you’ll take away:


Design 101: You’re finally ready to do something about your kitchen but don’t know where to begin.

Kitchen Makeover: Inexpensive solutions for a big impact. 

The future is now: 
The latest in kitchen design, appliances, gadgetry and cabinetry.

Assembling the perfect team: Who to hire when designing your kitchen. 


Your Organizing Personality: Discover and express your organizing personality in your space. 

Baskets, Bins and Boxes: All you need to know about storage concepts. 

Putting the peices together: Favorites tips, tricks and gadgets for real life application.

***20% of proceeds go to Water Now, a local non-profit which finances sustainable water solutions for those suffering and dying from lack of safe drinking water in developing nations***

Lights, Camera, Market. An interior designer’s trip to the Dallas WTC.

Last weekend I took the three hour trek up to the big D (Dallas) for market. For those not in the industry, market takes place at the Dallas World Trade Center every 3 months. It just so happens that my very own state houses the Dallas Market which is the world’s largest wholesale merchandise mart, showcasing apparel, gifts, home and garden furnishings, lighting, and floral and gourmet products. A shopping paradise for designers and retail store owners alike.

My main objective for the trip was to refamilarize myself with the vendors and showrooms that are all housed inside the WTC. My second objective was to get in some bonding time with my four peer designers that accompanied me. Last objective, take advantage of free food, booze and ridiculously inexpensive jewlery in the Cash&Carry section. Five dollar necklaces—bring it on!

I decided to document my explorations using my iPhone. It was clear after the first day, that my favorite section in the market was the West wing, which was dedicated to 2.5 floors of lighting. Please excuse the limitations of my phone camera.

Here are some of my favorite finds of market:

First ever commissioned Missoni Light:

Hey, that chandelier is bigger than YOU!:

Just stunning…yes that’s Swarovski Crystal

Perfect for a central Austin backyard:

Fun pillows:

Gorgeous silver filigree mirrored trays:

Well that about sums up my fav finds at Market. I’m counting down the days till I go back in June. Next stop, Roundtop Antique Fair in Roundtop, Texas.

Happy Monday- Allison, Allison Jaffe Interior Design

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