Copper Love Continued

Posted on November 13, 2014

Copper is my most favorite trend I have seen in the eight plus years that I have been designing. While scrolling through a social media news feed, I stumbled upon this bathroom published by Luxe Magazine and feel head over heals in love. It was definitely the warmth and use of copper and brass accents in the room that I gravitated to. 

Although a number clients are opting to remove their jet tubs altogether, I also have some clients who are installing free-standing tubs in their place. Although not exact, Penhaglion sells a similar model as seen in the photo above.

With the popularity of copper follows the trend of exposed shower faucets and more shockingly the finish, antique brass. Yes, I said it, BRASS is back! Both the finish and exposure of plumbing guts is very reminiscent of the turn of the century, where pipes and plumbing values were outside of the wall cavity. The industrial nature of this plumbing viewed here is a great example.


Being familiar with limestone, I can guarantee vein cut brown limestone adorns the these walls. I love that the tile is installed at full height. To offset the rich color of the wall, a lighter stone was installed on the floors of the shower and main bathroom floors for added contrast. 

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