Design Tidbits: How to dress up your desk space

Posted on July 1, 2014

Since moved in to our new office, we’ve been ogling every plece of desk decor under the sun and have come up with a quick list of what makes a desk space eye catching and beautiful:

Get eclectic – make your desk chair a contrasting style from your desk i.e. rococo desk with modern Lucite chair…just make sure your chair is comfy too!

Let In light – position your desk by a window for the immediate mood lift that comes from natural lighting

Pop accents – add a splash of a bright contrasting color in your accessories to create visual interest and generate energy in the space

Get it up on the walls – instead of cluttering your desk top work space with mail and sketches, move this onto a pin borad

Put the fun in functionality – only keep what you need on your desk top, but get creative with how you store what you need and bring in your personality through fun containers and organizer

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